Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best Tofu Sandwich EVER! Smoky Miso Tofu Sammiches!

Best Tofu Sandwich EVER! Smoky Miso Tofu Sammiches!

     Seriously. These are the best vegetarian sandwiches ever. For reals. The marinade is to die for, and has all my favorite flavor combinations; smoky, sweet, savory, salty, what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, GREAT texture! Pressing the tofu gets rid of all that unnecessary water, makes room to soak up all that delicious marinade, and makes the tofu nice and firm! I also slice the tofu fairly thin, which really allows the marinade to get IN the tofu. Notice the color of the tofu? That's the marinade in there! No spongy, flavorless tofu here!
     I had a few of my fabulous omnivorous friends over for a simple dinner of this Smoky Miso Tofu, on some lovely toasted Sourdough bread, with thinly sliced tomato, avocado, and peppery wild arugula. On the side we had baked kale chips (will definitely be doing a post on those soon, because hunnie they were a HIT), and some store bought Terra chips, and homemade Tzatziki. All that plus a giant bottle of wine, and a wonderful night of good eatin' and drinkin' was had by all. As a bonus I made a double batch of the tofu and had extras to make sammy's for a few day's to come. HECK YES. Thank you VeganYumYum for this amazing tofu!

Smoky Miso Tofu

1 Block extra-firm tofu, drained and pressed
3 Tablespoons red miso
3 Tablespoons lemon juice
3 Tablespoons sugar
3 Tablespoons soy sauce
1 Tablespoon nutritional yeast
1/4 teaspoon Liquid Smoke

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Wrap your drained tofu in a bunch of paper towels, and place something heavy, like a cast-iron skillet or a plate with some cans on top, for 20-30 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a large casserole dish, or similar large shallow dish,  whisk together the miso, lemon juice, sugar, soy sauce, yeast, and liquid smoke to make the marinade.

Unwrap the tofu and cut many thin, width-wise slices with a large knife (about 20 slices per block).

Place the tofu in the marinade, making sure to get marinade on both sides of each slice. Let marinate about 10-20 minutes.

Meanwhile, line a baking sheet with some parchment paper (I've tried with aluminum foil, but had some sticking).

When ready to bake, place the slices on the parchment lined baking sheet in one layer. Brush the tops with any leftover marinade. Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let the slices cool on the sheet. The tofu should be darkened around the edges, but not burned.

To make a sandwich using the tofu slices, use whatever ingredients you like. I liked sourdough bread, arugula, tomato, avocado, and some mayo....

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