Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet and Spicy Blackened Salmon

Sweet and Spicy Blackened Salmon

Want to get some of those heart healthy Omega-3's Dr. Oz is always peer pressuring you to eat more of? This Salmon is where it's at. I've never considered salmon in my top tier of favorite fish, I've always found it dry, and too fatty.... but not this salmon! The spice rub has one of my favorite flavor combinations; sweet, and spicy. The brown sugar in the rub helps develop a nice caramelization, and creates a beautiful crust that helped the salmon stay moist! I served mine with two of my favorite things, baked sweet potato, and some roasted asparagus... yummm

 Sweet and Spicy Blackened Salmon
Serves 2-3

1 Pound Wild Salmon, skin removed, cut into 2-3 portions-- Use a tweezer to make SURE you get all the pin bones out! I recommend letting your salmon sit at room temp 30 minutes, to take the chill off. Don't worry your fish won't go bad!
2 Teaspoons olive oil
salt and pepper
Some lemon wedges

Spice Blend:
2 1/2 Teaspoons sweet smoked paprika
2 Teaspoons ground cumin
1 Teaspoon dried oregano
1 Teaspoon dried thyme
1 Tablespoon brown sugar
1/4 Teaspoon salt
1/2 Teaspoon cayenne
Several pinches freshly ground black pepper
2 Cloves garlic, minced

In a small bowl mix together all the ingredients in the spice blend.

Take your 2 teaspoon of olive oil and rub it on both sides of your salmon. Lightly salt and pepper the salmon. Take your spice blend and gently rub it on both sides of the salmon, making sure to gently press it on the salmon to stick. Let it sit about 10 minutes to absorb some of the flavors.

Preheat a good non-stick skillet at medium-high heat. Spray the pan with a little olive oil spray. Place the fish skin side UP in the pan and cook 4 minutes. Carefully flip the fish, and cook an additional 3-4 minutes, depending on you're preferred doneness. Remove from pan and let rest a few minutes. Serve with lemon.

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